Decoding: Why number 4 is the Alphabet's Black Hole?

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QuoteDiscover the intriguing nature of the number four, which exhibits a captivating characteristic within the English language. Once near the word "four," a curious recursion unfolds, consistently leading back to "four." This phenomenon suggests a magnetic pull, as "four" appears to envelop adjacent English words within its confines. Even when spelling out "ENGLISH," composed of seven letters, and proceeding to arrange them as "SEVEN" (5 letters), then "FIVE" (4 letters), the sequence remarkably culminates back at "FOUR." This pattern persists, hinting at a linguistic phenomenon akin to a self-contained loop. Moreover, exploring the realm of Mathematics, the four fundamental operators (+, -, ×, ÷) stand as essential tools for problem-solving, encapsulating operations integral to deriving conclusive mathematical results.

The concept of a black hole, as per general relativity, signifies a region in space-time with an unyielding gravitational force that prohibits anything from escaping its grasp. This enigmatic cosmic entity, devoid of discernible features at its event horizon, mirrors the attributes of an ideal black body. Moreover, quantum field theory posits the emission of Hawking radiation from event horizons, resembling the spectrum of a black body.

The identification of objects with overwhelming gravitational fields that trap light was initially pondered in the 18th century. The conceptualization of black holes gained prominence through theoretical work in the 1960s, asserting their ubiquitous existence based on general relativity. Stellar mass black holes originate from the collapse of massive stars, continually growing by assimilating mass from their surroundings. Supermassive black holes, millions of solar masses in size, may form through mergers with other black holes or the absorption of stars.

Detection of black holes occurs through their interaction with surrounding matter and electromagnetic radiation, giving rise to phenomena like accretion disks and quasars. Astronomers have identified various stellar black hole candidates, with Sagittarius A* at the Milky Way's core housing a supermassive black hole.

The first observation of a black hole merger and the direct image of a black hole and its vicinity were groundbreaking achievements, solidifying our understanding of these cosmic marvels.

Result and Observations:

The all-consuming nature of a black hole, where nothing escapes, correlates intriguingly with the English language's construct. The word "four" exhibits a pattern of drawing words towards it, reminiscent of a gravitational pull. This phenomenon recurs as words lead back to "four," similar to an inescapable gravitational pull towards a black hole.


The interplay between "four" and other words mirrors the dynamics of a black hole's unyielding influence, symbolizing an absorbing and attracting property akin to these celestial entities.

In both the realm of English and Mathematics, the impervious nature of "four" and the four fundamental mathematical signs (+, -, ×, and ÷) embodies a resemblance to black holes, with nothing altering their inherent properties.


This exploration underscores the intriguing resemblance between the word "four" in English and the four fundamental mathematical signs to the characteristics of black holes. The unalterable nature of "four" and the operators' imperviousness parallels the defining traits of black holes, emphasizing their all-absorbing and unyielding attributes in both linguistic and mathematical realms.

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